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Tanning Mitts with a thumb ** Double Sided ** WASHABLE --- FREE DELIVERY

  • $695

Main features

  1. Flawless:You can enjoy it without velour come off for a long time
  2. Rewashable: To be washed by both hands and washing machine
  3. Supple & Sleek: High quality velour,It will not drop bits on body when apply tanning lotion
  4. Stain-free hands: One size fits one.It will not come off.


 Can widely used to apply tanning lotion,oils,bronzers and so on


    Due to hygienic reason, no refund and no return


    The quantity is 1 tanning mitt, not 1 pair


    Usage: Body



    1. Place hand inside applicator mitt.
    2. Glide the product on to the skin. (Product can either be applied directly to the mitt or the skin before rubbing in.)
    3. Use velvet side of the mitt rubbing.
    4. Rinse thoroughly in warm soapy water or place in washing machine at 30c after each use and leave to dry naturally.

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